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After the kindly interference of some tenants and dear, dear Armeleia, who not only drove out of her way to pick up the box and repackage everything (they were originally sent… in dixie cups…) but included some cheering treats as well— I finally got the package. Conclusion: not good.

They sent me a bewildering sea of parts. The photographs above only show the ivory parts, not to mention the white, tan, bronze, grey, and peach shades. And not a single doll can be made. Of the entire batch a very few individual pieces were salvageable— that is, not flecked with pieces of green silicone (?) air bubbles (??) chips (???) and/or crazy huge seam lines (???!!!). Also, the parts are all different shades??? Even within the same color group, there were shades of resin that were more opaque or more translucent, more yellow or more pink or white— even if I had found enough pieces of good quality, there is no way they would have matched in color.

In somewhat good news, they did send all parts of my prototype back. Chipped, scratched, and broken, then ineptly glued back together, then cracked apart again— but all parts are there. 

When I was doing my molding there was never this amount of chipping or scratching or damage done to the surface of my prototype. How they managed to outright break some of the parts, and then scratch the hell out of the primer, is utterly beyond me. 

Which brings us back to full refunds for everybody. A few of you have already taken them, those of you that haven’t— I am so grateful for your faith in me and that after all this, you were still willing to wait for a doll, or even to work with the unfinished pieces— and I am so sorry to have to say that I can’t send you a doll from this useless pile of resin. 

But I think I will have Iphigenia cast, properly. Not as a preorder, and probably only in one color, but I will. Seeing her in person again reminded me of what it was to hold her and what a spirited little doll she is, and seeing her in resin was even better— even if the quality of the resin castings was complete crap, she deserves to be brought to fruition. So after sending out refunds and patching her up I will save up to do this again properly.

There are literally no words for this… wow

But I am glad you did get her back,even if she is broken. I’m looking forward to seeing her in resin if you get her cast. <3 Good luck.

As for an update about Mr Kitty,Robust Casting finally refunded me with a lengthy email of excuses,but also saying I was in the wrong for how I reacted… (-`Д´- *)??!

I still seriously cannot believe the things they have done,but its over now i guess. I’m so glad I do not have to deal with these people ever again. 

Tumblr had a fit the other day and deleted my post o.o
Anyway,this blog is on a semi break unless i draw more,I&#8217;m posting more at . (as a warning its just photos of stupid things and food. XD)

Tumblr had a fit the other day and deleted my post o.o

Anyway,this blog is on a semi break unless i draw more,I’m posting more at . (as a warning its just photos of stupid things and food. XD)

Miyu is now sold. Thank you! ;u;

I posted 3 dolls today. I’m leaving on Monday so the Minifee Miyu will be packed up ready just incase anyone wants him. 

Unfortunately I’m gonna have to put the Dollshe Rosen on hold, unless someone is willing to wait until June because I simply cant find a big enough box even unstrung lol. I ran out of time..

Thank you for all the interest and boosting my posts,its really helped alot.

your dolls and your art are amazing!!! ^.^

aww thank you ((´∀`*))

satinjo said:
:(((( nooo Apollo, was just debating messaging about him. I was also going to ask where you got his wig cause it is amazing.

aa,sorry! thanks for the interest though. His wig is from Jpop dolls,style kana long. The colour is Night(?) I bought it when i got him so its really old lol.

Quick question! How tall is the dollshe rosen and the minifee miyu? :3c

Rosen is 70cm and Miyu is about 42cm. ^^

Impldoll Simon is now sold,thank you! <3

I’ll cross the sold out on the post,but also post here since it doesn’t work on the reblogs. 

Bobobie Apollo is sold! Thank you for the interest,I didn’t expect him to be sold so quickly.





I’m okay with “weird” dolls, even the more ‘far out’ ones like Dollshe’s Orijean or 90% of Doll Chateau’s creations. Even if they’re not my thing, I like seeing what people make of them, but Plasticmoon’s “Mr Kitty” has pushed my limit. The other faceplates are fine, cute even. But that one… It’s the fuel of nightmares! D: I-I can’t even… It’s the most terrifying doll expression I’ve ever seen! *sobs under a blanket* W-Why would you want that?

Image by BJDConfessions

Each to their own OP, but I think Mr Kitty is awesome. I think it is great he is going to have the 3 expressions. I have imaged all kinds of cute little comics because of them, and think they are going to lead to all kinds of fun possibilities. I am really excited about him actually.

So yeah, I totally want that!  

Because it is so adorable and awesome! *_* I love him I wish I was a billionaire.

He is just so cheeky looking with it! :D

Thanks guys.

Unfortunately I intend to keep making nightmare fuel. His character isn’t actually supposed to be cute, Mr Kitty is an evil little alien cat~ (´・ω・`)

OP ur fear is delicious.

I thought I’d just make a post linking to the dolls still available instead of spamming the dashboard by reblogging them.

Dolls for sale:

Dollshe Rosen (WS)
Minifee Miyu (boy,WS) SOLD
Impldoll Simon (WS) SOLD
Bobobie Apollo(WS) SOLD

I am open to offers and can take layaway,but cannot take trades sorry. 

Alberta,Ada and Aiden have been rehomed.

The heads will be put up for sale when I get back,unless I get some time to do it before I leave. Dolls sold will be shipped anytime by a member of family when I am away. 

Please PM me or email me at

For Sale: Bobobie Apollo WS

Price: £103

Postage(unstrung): £13 UK / £20 Overseas

Paypal only.

Info: He was my first doll,ordered in 2007/8. He has yellowed evenly all over to a creamy white. The headcap has the old system with no magnets. His faceup was painted by me. There is some slight damage to some parts.
Damage info: His headcap was snapped by someone else when I wasn’t looking,unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the missing part.(I usually just used tack to keep it on),there is also a small bubble on his ankle and a scratch on his ear.

Serious buyers only please.

Contact email:




Hey guys, I’m wondering what

-you’d like to see me focus on in my art

-what you like so far

-what you’d like to see improve

-anything that irks you about my art.

-stuff you want to see me draw.

Feel free to go anon, I won’t be publishing or responding these but I’ll appreciate the input. Thank you!

Some boring mouldwork photos (minus torso and arms)

They are very, very rough btw,and I would usually use card/foamboard for the walls but I don’t have any. There isn’t any mould release either so instead its plasticine slathered in petroleum jelly. eh,it works. XD
I’m still waiting for more silicone which should hopefully arrive soon bc if it doesn’t I’ll probably have a serious meltdown LOL. There was a bit left from awhile ago so its a start I guess.

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