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I am an artist, and I support artists.

Emel’s awesome Guy. *0* Thank you for commissioning me!

I wonder if it would be worth adding an about page on here?

It wouldn’t be silly things like whats my fav colour lol,just relavent things like what sculpting/CG tools I use, what dolls sculpts I’ve made/own,links etc

匿名 said:
your art is beautiful! do you sell your art? where/how can i buy it?

Thank you!

I made a few prints for conventions but they need to be sorted through, since its mostly older art and the quality of the prints aren’t really up to standard now. ^^; But there are some badge sets(which I honestly forgot about) and other stuff which I’ll be putting on my shop sometime soon. If the pictures are ok I’ll add those for a very discounted price.
I haven’t made any new prints because…I really didn’t think anyone would want them LOL. I also take commissions here.

can you please link back or reblog my original post instead of reposting without credit??? <___>

can you please link back or reblog my original post instead of reposting without credit??? <___>

old portrait studies,mostly using oekakibbs apart from john locke(SAI).

refs used,some are better than others. I need to start doing these again.

Commission for Amy!! Her lovely lass Rei <3. Thank you for being so patient!

(I’m slowly working my way through these commissions,wish i could go faster…orz)

i think i’ve finally realized what would be best for my dollshe rosen… (old art,just thinking sorry)


The cost of dolls

After Friday’s post, there is another matter I’d like to discuss. Every now and then when I’m browsing the internet, I come across a post of someone saying how:

these dolls are way too expensive and doll artists make a ridiculous profit off our backs”.

When only looking at the price tag, I get how you might come to this conclusion. These dolls are expensive, yes, but I want to point out that the amount a buyer has to pay is not the profit we make. Far from it.
The final asking price of a product is actually an accumulation of several expenses plus the profit we’d like to make for each sold item. I don’t know the laws in other countries. That is why I’m only using my own dolls as an example to give you a quick look in how a business works.

My newest doll Salomé is being sold for €400. In the Netherlands, all entrepreneurs have to pay a value-added tax for each product they sell.  This VAT is 21% of the total asking price. For each Salomé doll bought, I need to pay:  €70.

€400 -21% = €330

Next, I’ll have to subtract all of my expenses:

Production: €140
Boxes etc. : €10
eyes: €6

140 + 10 + 20 + 6 = €176 total production costs. This means that instead of the 330 euros I calculated earlier, I now only have €154 left.
But that’s not all. I live in the Netherlands and in my country we have to pay a total of 36% on income tax. So, for each doll, I don’t make 154 euros, but only: 154 – 36% = €113.

A doll sold for €400 will only give me a €113 profit. Still sounds much? Well, consider the fact that it takes many months, sometimes years to sculpt a doll. And also that doll makers really don’t sell that many; for a small artist like me, selling 50 copies of a doll is almost an unobtainable goal. It’s more likely that I will only sell only 10.

So, let’s say it took me 10 months to sculpt Salomé and at the end of it all, I’m only selling 10. That means that I have a monthly income of €113. Whooptidoo.  And even if I manage to sell that illusive amount of 50, I still only make 565 euros. 565 euros for months of sculpting, searching for supplies, managing my website, talking to customers and giving them the service they deserve, bookkeeping  and advertising etc. etc. . That’s hardly an undeserved salary.

“I know a few small companies that make millions a year, so…”

This is an argument I sometimes hear in the pro-recast community. First off all, I’d like to address something a little bit off topic:
I don’t like the way this comment sounds. As if being successful is something to look down upon, as if it is a reason for us to steal from them. Most new enterprises go bankrupt within two years. These people have worked incredibly hard to get where they are now and they took a big risk. So if things turn out well for them, it’s entirely deserved that they can reap what they sow.

Secondly, it is possible for a small business to thrive, yes, but to be able to make so much money, you need one prerequisite: a big consumer base. That is why in the game industry for instance, companies have the theoretical ability to become billion dollar firms, even though they only have a handful of employees. Their market consists of millions of people, who all like to play games.

Doll companies, on the other hand do not operate in that big a market. This hobby consists of only a few 10.000 people and in that small pond, a lot of fish are swimming. It isn’t very likely that a doll artist will generate a large income.

Doll artists don’t make dolls because they want to become ridiculously wealthy. The make dolls because they like to make something nice and want to share this with their fans. So please, don’t try to make it sound as if we are heartless people who just want to rob you off your money. 

moth was supposed to have that hat why don&#8217;t you give it ba-&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.. um&#8230;. nvm&#8230;. srry

moth was supposed to have that hat why don’t you give it ba-……….. um…. nvm…. srry

also this
shimitron vs tody
&#8230;..I think this was the last time I used oekakibbs&#8230;

also this

shimitron vs tody

…..I think this was the last time I used oekakibbs…

this was a picture I was putting effort into until i drew shimizu and then forgot what i was doing….

i need it back on here im sorry

this was a picture I was putting effort into until i drew shimizu and then forgot what i was doing….

i need it back on here im sorry


Three-strand necklace for SD & SD+ sized dolls, made of natural faceted coral in rich red colour. Necklace closes with a 925 silver plated filigree box clasp.

It’s inspired by all those beautiful red coral necklaces worn with most of the traditional costumes in Poland.

Available on etsy.


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